Internal Cavity Drain Systems

Adhering strictly to the new British Standard BS8102:2009 ’Protection of Below Ground Structures from water from the ground,‘ the large majority of CCL’s structural waterproofing works consist of installing internal cavity drain systems into hotels, museums, leisure parks and shopping centres.

british museum

The British Museum

Royal Opera House,
Covent Garden

St John’s Gardens,

Grosvenor House,
St Georges Hill

University College London Hospital

Hammerson House, Hampstead

External Waterproofing/Gas Proofing

CCL install external waterproofing & tanking systems into projects of all sizes, from small residential dwellings up to large commercial facilities. Treatments can include pre-applied waterproof membranes prior to concrete pours, to post applied sheet or liquid applied membranes from a variety of product manufacturers.

New Build Basement, Pulborough

South Lodge Hotel & Spa, Horsham

Student Castle,

Combined Systems

Following the introduction of the new British Standard BS8102: 2009, it is common for a combined system to be installed to provide a ‘belt and braces’ approach to mitigate the risk of water ingress into basement areas. This is typically achieved with the installation of an externally applied waterproof system together with an internal cavity drain (water management system). Click here to view some of our recent projects.

Imperial Court Underground Car Park

St Georges Hill,

New Build Basement,

Barnsbury Square,

Pylands Lane,

Four Winds Farm,

Paterson Building,

Internal Waterproofing/Tanking/Bunding Systems

CCL have 20 years of experience in protecting buildings internally from leaks caused by plant or sprinkler systems, such as raised level floors & plant rooms. Spray applied waterproof membranes are employed for such works and are typically installed into data centres, commercial plant rooms & other high risk areas such as hospitals, leisure centres and science laboratories.

Center Parcs,
Woburn Forest

Sky Central Headquarters, London

Aerotel, Terminal 3, Heathrow Airport

Deck Waterproofing

CCL have extensive experience in waterproofing a range of podium roof deck projects, from small luxury residential properties to high traffic shopping centres.

Mid Harbour Estate,

Friars Walk Shopping Centre, Newport

Princes Way Car Park,

Sidney Sussex College,
Cambridge University